Help policyholders wherever, whenever.

Policyholders need prompt, accurate claim service. Claims should be opened by the policyholder or agent and then immediately assigned and distributed to the appropriate claim supervisor and field adjuster. However, these adjusters often work in areas where web connectivity is unrealistic or impractical. Our Disconnected Adjuster System was designed with these considerations in mind.

AgWorks’s Disconnected Adjuster System, or DAS, runs on both Windows and Android operating systems and is fully integrated to allow adjusters to download claims assigned to them to a mobile device (e.g., tablet or laptop) so that they can be worked in the field without having to be connected to the internet the entire time. Claims are downloaded to DAS with forms to help adjusters complete claims, and DAS provides many other features to help adjusters work claims (e.g., a unit of measurement conversion tool, a quality adjustment factor calculation tool, load log and commingled production functionality, etc.). Adjusters can also generate and electronically sign (along with the insured, if required) required claim forms for claims they’ve worked in DAS from within DAS before claims are uploaded to the backend System to be processed for payment.

DAS App Views

  • VIEW CLAIMS – See a full list of claims downloaded to DAS for an adjuster.


Enter claim details in the field.
For claims assigned to the adjuster, claim details can be gathered and entered to complete appraisals, production worksheets, special reports, etc. for all claim types (Final, Replant, Prevented Planting) while in the field.

Take photos on the go.
When inspecting fields, photos can be taken with DAS that can be assigned to claims later. Photos taken with DAS will be saved with information regarding where (if GPS is enabled on the device) and when the photo was taken.

Generate and sign required forms electronically.
DAS has the ability to generate required forms for claims based on the details added to them and allows adjusters and/or insureds to sign them electronically before uploading to the backend System.

Upload completed claims for payment.
Once a claim is completed, it can be uploaded with signed documents and claim details to the backend System to be processed for payment when DAS is connected to the internet. Claims can also be archived to the backend System from DAS so the adjuster can remove the claim from DAS once it’s been uploaded.