AgWorks specializes in providing web-based software solutions to agents and insurance companies so they can deliver innovative products and services to thousands of independent crop insurance agencies and farmers across the US—helping them define new markets, improve customer service, and reduce operating expenses by simplifying complex workflows.

Our Microsoft .NET applications are used to process over $1.6 billion in annual premiums by five insurance companies and thousands of independent agencies operating within the crop insurance industry.

The AgWorks team understands the unique complexities of crop insurance and have implemented large business applications that meet the needs of our diverse customers.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the crop insurance industry, including functions related to quoting, policy management, claims, commissions, corporate accounting and billing systems, compliance, commissions, map-based insurance processing, and agency management.
  • The ability to deliver industry leading, web-based quoting and policy administration systems used to help farmers make more informed buying decisions.
  • A proven ability to design and develop mission-critical business applications.
  • Object-oriented analysis and design, J2EE and .NET application development, web hosting, and network management.
  • Extensive knowledge of GIS tools and technologies.
  • Management of computer and network infrastructure through our Tier-1 data center.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Agriculture is a complex industry, requiring the integration of many tools and technologies to solve difficult business problems. Solutions must allow agents and farmers to manage map-based views of their farming operation, work in remote—often disconnected—areas, and integrate data across numerous insurance carriers and data providers. The agricultural industry has also been forced to find new ways to affordably feed our growing world under harsh, ever-changing conditions. This unpredictable environment requires renewed efforts in cost reduction, risk management, and providing timely access to important information.

To meet these challenges, AgWorks has developed:

  • Platforms to support automated document imaging/scanning.
  • Multi-platform adjuster systems for remotely processing claims in the field.
  • Consolidated data warehouse reporting tools to analyze risk through dashboards that evaluate the geographic distribution of premium, liability, claims, and loss ratio.
  • Industry-leading quoting systems to help farmers make better, more informed buying decisions.
  • Map-based reporting tools to seamlessly manage field-level data for streamlined Acreage and Production Reporting.
  • Mobile applications used by farmers and their supporting agents to quickly access and report important policy and claim information.
  • A Tier-1 data center for fast, reliable access to the important information our customers need, when they need it.

Employing Experienced, Passionate People

Our most valuable asset is our people. We employ people with diverse skillsets in the crop insurance and technological industries that work together to gain a better understanding of the unique complexities of crop insurance. As a result, we are able to utilize the most current technologies to create solution-oriented business applications that are tailored to the needs our of customers.

Give us a call and let us outfit your company with cutting-edge products and services that serve the needs of your farmers and agents across the country.