Robert Gideon, President, AgWorks, LLC.

Robert has 20 years of professional experience in crop insurance software industry. During this time he has provided software to six companies and has processed over $950 million in annual premiums. He was IT Manager for Producers Agriculture, and has developed software for numerous industries including systems for WYO Flood Insurance Companies, patient and medical tracking software, and Property and Casualty adjusting software.

Scott Sell, VP, Quality Control, AgWorks, LLC.

Scott is our Vice President of Quality Control and has over 25 years of professional experience in software engineering, application development, and systems consulting. Prior to starting Dreamscape Technologies, he was a Senior Systems Engineer for Fireman’s Fund AgriBusiness and managed much of the design and implementation of Fireman’s Fund’s Multiple Peril Crop Insurance systems. Scott has strong analytical skills and has extensive experience in many development environments, version control systems, and network infrastructure. He has been with AgWorks since 2010 and works remotely from Dallas, TX.

Carl Gideon, VP, Enterprise Architect, AgWorks, LLC.

Carl is our Vice President of Enterprise Architecture. He has more than 26 years of crop insurance experience and has been with AgWorks for 8 years.

Kannan Palaniappan, Sr. Systems Engineer, AgWorks, LLC.

Kannan is our Senior Systems Engineer and works in Application, System, & Enterprise Architecture, focusing on improving performance and engineering of Enterprise applications. He has more than 12 years of experience in crop insurance and has been with AgWorks for 7. He works remotely from Murphy, Texas.

Jack Weems, Network/Deployment Manager, AgWorks, LLC.

Jack is our Network and Deployment Manager and manages the deployment and back-end processes and well as System infrastructure. He has 10 years of experience in crop insurance and has been a member of the AgWorks team for 7 years. He works in our Amarillo, TX office.